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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is The Ultimate Spider-Man We’ve Been Waiting For

Looks like third time’s the charm. Tom Holland, Jon Watts, and Spider-Man. Marvel and Sony have finally hit the jackpot by taking the webbed slinger back to his roots: high school. Who knew it would only take these unknown misfits to create this summer’s most spectacular blockbuster? You can fan yourselves and run to the closest cinema, Spider-Man: Homecoming is The Ultimate Spider-Man film we’ve been waiting for.

Peter Parker’s world just got a whole lot smaller. Picking up a few moments after Captain America: Civil War, the ordinary life awaits the teenage superhero as he goes back to dealing with problems that are as big as getting a girl’s attention. Tony Stark is impressed yet continues to keep the poor boy at bay, asking him to be a more neighborhood friendly hero. And that right there is exactly how Spider-Man: Homecoming plays out.

Without overly ambitious stake rounds this time around, the world is a little smaller yet the right fit for our teenage web head. Focusing primarily on the struggles of being a superhero and a teenager at the same time, the rookie takes us on a fresh, less intense ride as opposed to his avenging teammates.

After the bizarre ‘ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ‘ that came out a couple of years ago, it became certain Sony had to get into bed with Marvel so that the webbed slinger could play with the big boys. Finally going out of style is the ‘irresponsible’ focal point of the character whose life motto is just the opposite. The great take on the character this time around is that it knowingly skips the introductions and jumps right into Peter’s spider-filled struggles. Skipping all the seriousness and dropping a 10 Things I Hate About You school vibe with a sprinkle of Marvel’s winning superhero formula, Spider-Man: Homecoming is tonally much lighter than its predecessors and other Marvel films.

With Parker’s two struggles depicted onscreen, the film manages to balance them out for us audience members quite elegantly. An overzealous eye-catching aunt, prom dreams and your best friend knowing your secret identity, Peter manages to squeeze in just enough time to fight the impressively high tech bird-man aka Vulture, and his minions.

Director Jon Watts might be in the ring for the first time, but knows how to throw an uppercut quite well. His advantage is his love for the comic book character and his traits. Reinventing the character for the third and hopefully final time, Spider-Man: Homecoming feels very different from past films and their Spider-Men, and much like a colorful live-action comic book.

The film not only does justice to its main character but pushes us into a nostalgic state with a couple of throwbacks. Pushing its narrative with emotional character building scenarios, Spider-Man: Homecoming revamps the classic theme song along with more emphasis on the fact that his life is run by the people around him, his friends, school and aunt. With easter eggs that are far too exciting to catch in a review, your only way to know them is to find out if you’re a true Spider-Man and Marvel fan by catching them yourself!

While there have been moments with questionable CGI, Spider-Man: Homecoming powers through with its major win: its storyline.

Finally giving us the 411, Tom Holland quickly shows who’s the boy. Out from the shores of The Impossible, the acrobatic 20 year old leaps into Marvel’s lap, as he proves he’s more than just the right actor for the webbed red and blue tights, who will stand aside all the others who have proved their worthiness over the years. With a high pitched voice that’s as startling as his awkwardness, the comic Peter Parker and Spider-Man we’ve loved for many years finally hits the screen.

Keeping it on Marvel’s turf while banking on the best parts of our unknowns that include the film’s great supporting cast, were the satisfying roles of Tony Stark and his life long companion/friend Happy Hogan. Let’s just say their job is to police and keep things from going topsy turvy, by giving Peter the chance to dig deep and call out to his full potential.

Finally, you’re not only just sold by the cast’s stellar performances, the mesmerizing action sequences and the huge comedic relief that pours out Peter’s life and his companions, but the low round stakes and life learning lessons a teenager might hopefully take away if they could read between the lines.

Marvel finally makes plenty of room for Spider-Man: Homecoming. First, writing him into Captain America: Civil War and now, three standalone films, the universe has proven he’s worthy of his Avenger title. With this film following its own deal, giving a chance for an even more younger audience to connect to this ever expanding universe. Jumping leaps and bounds, both Jon Watts and Tom Holland have made the Spider-Man film we’ve been waiting for after the likes of Spider-Man 2.



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