Top (left to right): Kevin Sebastian, Samer Chami, Khaled Akbik
Bottom (left to right): Kinan Jarjous, Jolene D’Silva, Alston Rodrigues, Vincent Peter, Daniel Oommen, Khalid Hussain

Absolute Geeks is the brainchild of three geeks – Samer Chami, Kinan Jarjous, and Khaled Akbik – all of whom had their own blogs and decided to unite under a common banner with the intention of developing a media portal that serves content both local and international in the various areas of technology.

Two years in, the team has considerably grown to accommodate writers of solid calibre, and expanded to areas of gaming, entertainment, and pop culture trends to serve the audience in much bigger capacity, with writing talents dedicated to each field.

Expect to see discussions about gaming and the industry as viewed by actual gamers, Daniel and Vincent. Our entertainment is covered by editors Jolene and Alston, who don’t mince words when it comes to being critical. Finally, our editorial mavericks Khalid and Kevin tackle all stories daily on the field. We like to do things differently here – whether it’s our funny stories in the crazy world of entertainment, or our reviews which involves us taking things apart.

With such a big and diverse group, we pride on being factual, articulate and we cut no corners with our content. We say this as we live in an age of journalism that’s marketed. Absolute Geeks isn’t another media portal that exists in just investing their time to develop click-bait titles, fluff or sensational journalism. We write and deliver because we are passionate individuals with a voice and we’d like the community to be a part of that.

Today, we’re proud to say we’re one of the fastest growing media portals, and our expansion into video and podcasts are some of the exciting things we’re looking forward to doing. We don’t go by numbers; at the heart of Absolute Geeks, content matters – and that’s our promise.

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