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I’m Really Mad at Activision and Bungie

So Destiny 2 just got a new expansion. Yay, right? This may be business as usual for newcomers or PC-only players, but people who have stuck with the series from day one probably had much high expectations from this new content. Because people who have been with the series from day one remember what a refreshing, life-affirming shot in the arm the first major expansion, The Taken King, was for the original Destiny. I’ve always said that while Destiny 2 at launch was a much better, smoother game than the original game was, it was a marked downgrade from the game Destiny had ended up becoming by the end of its lifetime. So surely, a new major expansion for the new game would finally elevate it to a whole other level of awesome, right? Right? Well, no. It turns out that not only is Curse of Osiris not an improvement on the base Destiny 2, it actually makes the game worse in many significant ways. We’ll talk about the expansion and its ups and downs in a full review later, but for now let’s talk about why I’m so upset about it.


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris actually locks players out of old content if they don’t buy the expansion.

Let that sink in for a bit. Locking the expansion and everything new it brings to the table behind the $24.99 price tag is a given, but it also locks you out of the content you already had and could freely play with the base game until now – mainly the Nightfalls and the Raid. So how does it do that?

Before the launch of Curse of OsirisDestiny 2 had a Power level cap of 305, whereas the level requirement for the higher-reward endgame content was in the 280-300 range. After the new update – which is mandatory even if you haven’t purchased the expansion – these activities now require a Power level of 330, but you can’t raise your level that high without purchasing Curse of Osiris. Do you see the problem? In doing this Activision and Bungie have effectively locked players out of the high-reward endgame if they don’t drop some cash on the new expansion. This also locks you out of earning the game’s platinum trophy on PS4 if you care about it (I most certainly do).

Now, I had already purchased the Expansion Pass for Destiny 2 but I refrained from redeeming it until now because I wanted to see for myself the state in which the game ends up after the launch, for people who haven’t forked up the extra cash yet. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed. Not cool, Activision and Bungie. Not cool.

Oh, and the expansion itself? Full review will come later, but I don’t mind telling you right now that it’s boring and stupid.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



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