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Kevin SebastianGentleman, Humble Tech Breaker, PC Master Race.

Dedicated to the mysteries and the wonderful world of the internet. Kevin Sebastian is a closet reddit lurker, dives into the usersub of Imgur. In the real world, Kevin makes documentaries, loves cameras, rates movies and opens up computers.

Live By Night-Review

Let me get this out of the way and say that Ben Affleck as a filmmaker proves that he’s one of the many individuals who can wear a lot of hats in...

MSI GT73VR Titan 7E Review

MSI seem to have gotten the ball rolling fresh off this year. With the integration of Intel’s new Kaby lake processors, MSI have combined that and a GTX...

In Memoriam: Carrie Fisher

“Earlier today, Carrie Fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. She will be remembered and loved by many generations, and many more to come...